Please visit this page for illustration commissions and quotations.
Even if you are an individual, we would appreciate it if you could submit your request from here to facilitate the process.

For individuals who say, “I don’t need the conversation.”

Please use Skeb. ※No fix or retakes.

Details of your inquiry

Even before signing the NDA, please provide us with the following information.
In particular, please be sure to provide us with reward and achivement release.

  • Reward
  • Achievement release(For individuals, permission to publish achievements and credit must be indicated.
  • Your website(For individuals, you may write your own Twitter account, etc.)
  • Release Media(Videos, Apps, Books, etc.)
  • Working details(Illustration, character design, etc.)
  • Delivery date

The price are displayed in JPY, so please convert in your own currency!

Payment method

To avoid problems, we ask that payment be made in advance.

About replies

If you use the order form Basically, I will reply to your e-mail address within 3 days.

Please be sure to check the price list above.
If you agree to pay the production fee, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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